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2011 - Pressroom

Swartland Municipality draft by-law on liquor trading days and hours


Agenda for December liquor stakeholders meeting released


Moratorium in Gauteng lifted for event licences


Western Cape Liquor Stakeholders’ Meeting


Good news from Western Cape Liquor Conference minutes


Restrictions looming for liquor advertising


Liquor licence moratorium in Gauteng stays in place


Western Cape Liquor Conference – Sept 2011


Western Cape Liquor Conference – Aug 2011


Draft Gauteng Liquor Policy published


Western Cape Liquor Act to be implemented in early 2012


Get updates on the liquor law via Twitter


Liquor Board to send out renewals in October


What will the ban of alcohol advertising mean fir marketers?


Impact assessment of a ban on alcohol advertising



Nuwe drankwet onder loep

Die Burger

Konferensie gaan bepalings van nuwe drankwet bespreek


Plaaslike navorsing speel belangrike rol in besluite oor nuwe drankwet


Drink-and-drive ban for under 25s mooted at talks

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