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2012 - Pressroom

Government proposes stricter requirements for distributors of liquor


Longer trading hours retained temporarily for existing WC business


City of Cape Town amends trading by-law commencing 1 April


Wine industry requests later date for Western Cape Liquor Act


Western Cape Liquor Regulations finalised


Draft Gauteng Liquor Bill


Western Cape Liquor Act – shorter trading hours


Time is running out for wine industry organisations to retain trading hours


Government proposes stricter liquor distribution requirements


Charging a tasting fee – legal or not?


Wine tasting in supermarkets


Liquor Products Act: Amendments to include ale published


Knysna publishes draft by-law on liquor trading hours


Amendments to the Western Cape Liquor Act


Exemption of garagiste wine makers


Liquor licence holders are not aware of record keeping required


Theewaterskloof Municipality publishes draft liquor by-law


Hurry with applications for regulations as manufacturers and distributors


Commencement of municipal liquor trading hours


Western Cape Liquor Act: Keeping of records


Liquor sales to the public: 150 litre limit


Die Burger

Supermarkte kan nou Sondae wyn verkoop


Konsepwet gaan alkoholproduksie beter omskryf


Nuwe drankwet nie ‘n towerstaf nie


Drankwet: Regulasies kan drankverspreiders erg knel


Duur dranklisensies kelder dalk klein kuierplekke se wins



Wetgewing wil ‘suikerdrankies’ reguleer


Drankwet: Hoe raak Drankwet jou?

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