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Opinion & Advice

Advice - use of cellar by person/business other than liquor licence holder. 

Wineries beware - you need consent from the Liquor Authority to allow another person/business to use your cellar.

Opinion - Quota System for Liquor Licences

The Liquor Authority may not and should not impose a quota system regarding the number of liquor licenses in a particular area.

Advice - You need your own liquor license to manufacture wine, beer or spirits.

In terms of the Liquor Act, one requires a liquor licence to manufacture wine/beer/ spirits irrespective of the quantity – even if you manufacture it in the cellar/brewery/distillery of a business with a liquor licence.

Advice - Restaurant tenants beware – it is illegal to “use” your landlord’s liquor licence

A landlord with a liquor licence commits an offence if it permits a restaurant tenant to sell liquor with its licence or on its licensed premises
The restaurant tenant also commits an offence - by selling liquor without a licence of its own

Advice - extending/altering their licensed premises without permission.

If a licence holder wants to extend or alter the area which had been licensed he/she MUST apply to the Liquor Authority in a prescribed way for consent to do so – BEFORE extending or altering.

Opinion - Vaccine passports - yes or no?

On 12 September 2021, the president indicated that “further information will be provided on an approach to ‘vaccine passports’ which can be used as evidence for vaccination for various purposes and events

Opinion - Liquor Licences at Petrol Stations

Recently it came to the public attention that SAAPA is considering stalling the process of allowing petrol stations to be granted off-consumption liquor licences in order to sell alcohol at petrol stations 

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